How to Replace Double Glazed Door Glass Part 2

What You'll Need
Double glazed door glass or UPVC
New lockset
Screen doors (optional)

When you replace your old door with a double glazed door glass, remember that this will  provide you with added insulation. The double glazed units are like another coat of insulation to help protect the people inside the house from the cold of winter. You will be able to stay warm and safe inside with a high grade double glazed door. Many people prefer the use of double glazing technology as it helps you get added insulation without the additional cost. There are many designs and colors to choose from quality suppliers all over the country. Some of the best types of double glazed doors are the UPVC French Doors and the Wooden Front Doors. The material UPVC is of excellent quality that prolongs the life of the door and provides additional insulation to the home owners. Safety is also another main concern of homeowners, and with a UPVC door, this can be easily attained.

Preparation is a must in order not to disturb the quality of the door frame and trim. After removing the entry doors, follow the rest of the step-by-step guide listed below.

Step 1 – Begin Replacing the Old Entry Door with the Double Glazed Door

Remember that the entry doors can easily be damaged from exposure to the different elements from the outside environment. Take care of the outside door by putting a screen door in front. To continue with the guide, place the new door (double glazed door glass) in the opening and wedge it at 1/8 hinc from the bottom and mark the hinges locations on the side of the door.

Step 2 – Set the Latch Edge

Set this door's latch edge. Use a t-square or a mason's square with a pencil or knife in marking the hinge location. Use the leaf of the hinge as a template in the mark. Screw the hinge on the side of the door after chiseling the wood around the scored edges. Do not cut too deep. Make sure it will be enough to fit the hinge leaf.

Step 3 – Clean the Mortise

Clean the mortise and attach loosely the hinge leaf on it to determine the leaf. However, do not seal it yet. Make sure you have 3 hinges to evenly distribute the weight of the door.

Step 4 – Do the Coating of the Door Edges

With a wood sealant, coat the edges to shut the moisture out and protect your wood. This time, attach the hinge leaves to the door with the screws. Then, check the fit of the new door. If it fits well, try closing the door.

Attach the locking system to the new door. Finally, the screen doors should be installed.