How to Replace Exterior Door Jamb Armor How to Replace Exterior Door Jamb Armor

What You'll Need
Exterior door jamb armor kit
Door jamb armor guide
Drill with bits

Exterior door jamb armor is one of the best solutions today to protect your home against invasions and thefts. Doors are usually the target of invasions as they can be easily kicked in or broken at the hinges. Door jamb armor prevents that. Replacing old door jamb armor is easy and can be done in a jiffy. Follow this step-by-step guide for help and a list of tools and materials needed for the job.

Step 1 - Remove Door

The first step is to remove the door from its frame. Make sure you do this by unscrewing the screws at the hinges where they are connected to the door. This way you will have the hinges attached to the door when removed.

Step 2 - Drill Holes

There will already be holes in the door for the locking hardware and the hinges. You need to build extra reinforcement holes around the holes where you will be fixing the exterior door jamb armor. Drill holes at the locking mechanism side and at the hinges’ side.

Step 3 - Install the Door Jamb Armor

Once you have drilled the holes, you can easily install the door jamb armor to both the sides of the door using the guide that came with your jamb armor kit. The guide will explain how to fit the armor better and which parts to attach to which sides of the door. Read it carefully. Replace the door into its frame after the armor is attached. Your job is done.

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