How to Replace Fence Slats

What You'll Need
Crow bar
Vertical fence slats
6d nails

Replacing fence slats is a necessary chore if you want to maintain your privacy, hide an unsightly yard, and keep out pests. Broken slats, fence posts, or entire panels will need replacing depending on the age and condition of your fence.

Step 1 – Checking for Replacement

Have a look at your fence to see which slats or panels need replacing. Mostly only a few new slats are needed to repair a section. Also check your fence posts for signs of infestations or wood rot.

Step 2 – Preparing your Space

Tie a string between the two posts of the section you are working on. Make the ground level under the line the fence will take using a spade. Remove the old slats using a small crowbar and hammer to take out the old nails.

Step 3 – Attaching New Slats

6d nails are ideal for attaching the individual slats in the empty spaces. Attach them with one nail or screw to the top strut and the bottom strut. Make a pilot hole with a smaller drill bit first so that the nails or screws do not split the slat. By aligning them with the ground and the string, the result will be a straight fence.

Step 4 – Weathering

Within a few months the new slats will have weathered to suit the old ones. You can allow extra slats to weather and store them for the future. Older used slats can be used for building decorative features.