How to Replace Fireplace Glass Doors

What You'll Need
Philips or flat-head screwdrivers
New pair of glass doors

As house designs change, one aesthetic improvement you can make is to change your fireplace glass doors. Change and replace the doors of your fireplace, to give a new and modern look to your home. Making this small adjustment can make a significant impact on how other people view the inside of your house. Here are some easy steps on how to change your fireplace glass doors to new and more modern ones.

Step 1: Locate L-brackets

If you check the base of the glass doors of your fireplace, there should be L-brackets holding them in place. In order to see them more clearly, it is suggested that you open the doors and try looking at them from the inside. This will give you an idea of how the glass is supported by these brackets. There are usually two brackets, one at the top and one at the bottom of the glass door.

Step 2: Detaching the Brackets

The glass doors are attached to these brackets via Philips or flat-head screws. Using your screwdriver, carefully unscrew each bracket. Be careful to support the glass doors, since they might fall off when they are freed from the brackets. Set the screws aside and keep them for later use. The only thing holding them now is the clamps at the top of the fireplace glass door.

Step 3: Detaching the Clamp

Using your pliers, detach the clamp at the top of the doors by unscrewing the screws. Once the screws are loose, use your fingers to remove them completely. Remove the clamp holding the top of the door. Be careful and make sure that you now have a good grip of the door, since it will now be free with nothing will be supporting it.

Step 4: Removing the Door

Carefully remove the door and slide it out completely. Take caution that you don’t hit it on anything as you maneuver it out. Do the same procedure with the other fireplace glass door.

Step 5: Replace Old Door with New Door

Get your new fireplace glass door and slide it into place. Make sure that everything is lined up with the L-brackets and the clamp on top. This may be a bit tricky, because you need to balance and align everything perfectly in order to make it fit. Doors like these usually have a very small margin for error when fitting, so be patient.

Step 6: Screw Everything Back Together

Once the door is aligned, the screw holes and the clamp must also be aligned in order to secure it properly. A friend would actually be of great help at this point. Have your friend hold the door in place. Carefully screw everything back together and reattach the clamp at the top of the door. Once you have successfully inserted the first screw, it will be now much easier to keep the fireplace glass doors aligned and in place.