How to Replace Flexible Molding for Car Windows How to Replace Flexible Molding for Car Windows

What You'll Need
Adhesive Cleaner
Flexible Molding
Urethane Sealant Cartridge and Gun
Tongue and Groove Piece of Rubber
Adhesive Cleaner

 Flexible molding is something that is on a lot of car windows. You will find that over time, they may need to be replaced. This is something that you can easily do with the right tools and know how. Make sure that whenever you replace the molding that you do so properly so that it will not end up causing leaks and issues with your car windows later down the road.

Step 1 – Prepare

The first thing that you are going to have to do for this job is to start by putting a towel onto your lap. This is done so that you can protect your clothing from the adhesive that you will be using as you are holding the window up for the job. You will find that the best way for you to install your flexible molding is to attach the molding onto the glass itself. You will do this by inserting the trim onto the molding. Once you have done this, then you can install the glass along with the molding and the trim. 

Step 2 – Load Gun

Once you are ready, you can get your gun loaded with the urethane sealant cartridge which is the adhesive that you will be using. Do this carefully and slowly to make sure that you do not have any issues with the adhesive as you go. If you just got the gun, it is important that you read the instructions carefully so that you load and use it correctly.

Step 3 – Sealant

Once you have the gun loaded, you will need to get a bead of sealant that is about 1/8 of an inch applied around the edge of the glass of your window. This is something that can be quite tricky as holding the glass a certain way can easily smear the adhesive that you just applied. Use caution as you do this to make sure that no adhesive gets smeared.

Step 4 – Molding

You will need to get one end of your car mirror and press the molding onto your window. You will do this using the narrow slot that is in the molding. This is something that you are going to need to do around your window until you have gotten back to the place where you began. Do not rush as you do this as it could create a mess and not be laid on properly. Make sure that you pay close attention to the corners as well as the edges; you need them to lay as flat as possible. 

Step 5 – Finish Up

You are now ready to get the ends of the molding inserted. You will do this with your 1-inch tongue and groove piece of rubber. This is used so that you can have it completely secured into place. Once you have done this, you will need to get your rag and clean up any of the excess adhesive. You will need an adhesive cleaner to do this. 

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