How to Replace Fuses on Your Central Air Conditioner

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What You'll Need
Fuse puller
New fuses
Voltage meter

Over time, your central air conditioner may encounter a problem with its fuses. Rather than spending days fending off the heat while you wait for an expensive electrician, follow these simple steps to replace one or more fuses.

Step 1 - Know Your Air Conditioner

Before you take your air conditioning unit apart, it is imperative that you know what kind of fuse you will be replacing. To examine your fuses, look for a switch near the compressor of your unit. Before you open the compartment, turn off the electricity source of your entire air conditioning unit. Turn off the circuit breaker that controls your air conditioner. Once the circuit breaker has been turned off, turn off the switch in your unit.

Step 2 - Test the Fuses

Open the door located near the switch of your compressor. You will see two cartridge fuses inside of this door. The fuses will have wires connected to both ends. Use your voltage tester to test the 2 wires that are coming out of the disconnect switch, situated on top of the fuses. You should test both terminals using your voltage tester. Test the bottom wires also. No voltage must register after testing the wires. Only then should you proceed.

Step 3 - Remove the Fuses

Use fuse pullers to take out the fuses. Take a look at the amperage written on each. Most fuses have a 30-amp label on them. Also, check the fuses if they are the standard, fast, or delay-rated varieties. Purchase a similar pair of fuses as the ones that you took out.

Step 4 - Test the New Fuses

Make sure that you check the new fuses for continuity. This will ensure that the fuses will work properly in a normal, undamaged air conditioner. Sometimes, only one fuse has to be replaced at a time, but for convenience sake, you should also replace the other fuse. It is easier to remove both fuses at the same time.

Step 5 - Install the New Fuses

Use your fuse pullers to insert the new pair of fuses. It is very important that the fuses are properly positioned in their clamps. If the wires of the clamps are not appropriately set on the terminals of the fuses, your air conditioning unit still won’t work.

Step 6 - Test the Air Conditioner

To find out if you were able to replace your fuses properly, turn on the circuit breaker of your unit as well as the thermostat. If the unit works efficiently, you’ve done a good job.