How to Replace Galvanized Iron Pipe and Fittings: Part 2 How to Replace Galvanized Iron Pipe and Fittings: Part 2

What You'll Need
Tape measure
PVC pipe
Pipe joint compound

In the first part of this guide to replacing galvanized iron pipes and fittings, you learned how to remove the old galvanized pipe, and take away the fittings. In this part of the guide, you will now learn to measure the PVC pipe for the fitting, how to add the pipe joint compound and attach your new fittings, before attaching the threaded pipe to one fitting. Once this part of the guide has been finished, you will then need to proceed to the last and final part before you can turn the water supply back on.

Step 1 - Measure the Pipe

You will then need to measure the pipe which you are ready to install. This will involve looking at the fittings which you may have already attached to your PVC pipe, or which will need to be added at a later time. Don't forget to include these fittings, as you will not be able to place your pipe into position if you overestimate the size of pipe that you need to cut down. Before you add these fittings, you will need to put on some joint pipe compound, which can make the attachments extend a little further beyond the pipe. Once you have worked out the correct measurements, you can then begin to attach the compounds of the pipe together.

Step 2 - Add the Joint Compound

The pipe joint compound will help you to keep all of your attachments and pieces of pipe together while you are fitting the pipe, and will also hole all of the joints onto each other once the pipe has been assembled. Without it, your pipe may come adrift from the rest of the connections, and you will end up with a leak where the PVC pipe joins the galvanized iron pipe. In order to avoid this, take a small piece of joint compound, and spread it around the edge of your pipe. When you have done this, take your connector in the other hand, and spread a little bit of joint compound on the inside of that. Leave until the compound is semi-dry.

Step 3  - Fit Attachments

When you come to fit the attachments, make sure that all of the connections are covered by the joint compound, and then fit them together. You may need to use a pipe wrench to secure the joints while you position them, as you don't want the connection to be too loose. When the pipe is fitted, you should leave the compound to dry overnight.

Step 4 - Attach the Threaded Pipe

Once the pipe is ready, you should hold up the pipe to the end of the galvanized pipe, and take the pipe wrench to the joint which you wish to tighten. Insert the PVC pipe into the galvanized iron pipe, twisting the connection into the threaded pipe.

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