How to Replace Garage Door Openers Sensors

What You'll Need
A set of new sensors
A screwdriver
Pin snips
Electrical joiners (2)
Electrical joiner covers (2)

Garage door openers sensors are usually situated one on each side of the garage door approximately 6 inches from the base. They tend to work with infra-red sensing devices which lock the two lights together. If the beam is broken they stop, and thus stop the door. Many times people have damaged the garage door opener sensors because of their situation. Because they are down low and although you are aware of them, a causal bump or kick can not only cause the sensors to go out of alignment but can in cases actually break the sensors. They are really only little plastic covered objects and with age, alternating heat and cold as well as other causes, plastic tends to get brittle. Once broken, garage door openers sensors need to be replaced.

Step 1 – Preparation

Purchase a good quality set of garage door openers sensors from your local hardware store. Turn off the electricity at the mains. Place a notice on the mains to the effect that it is off because you are working on the electricity.

Step 2 – Remove the Old Garage Door Openers Sensors

Find the wires connecting the sensors to the electricity and with the pin snips clip them loose. Unscrew them from their positions on each side of the garage door.

Step 3 - Replace the Old Sensors with New Garage Door Openers Sensors

Mount the new garage door openers sensors in the exact same position as the old ones. Do not fully tighten yet. You are probably going to need to adjust them to make the two sensors meet correctly.

Attach the wiring to the places where you snipped the old wires off. To do this, use electrical joiners and screw the wires in place. Once you have correctly joined the wires, snap the joiner covers into place over the joiners. Do this on both sides of the garage door.

Step 4 – Setting the Garage Door Openers Sensors

Next, you need to make sure that the sensors are in alignment. To do this, you need to make sure that the two sensors are installed at the same level on both sides of the garage door.

Take the cord and place the one end exactly on the top of the one sensor and get someone to hold it there for you. Stretch it across to the second sensor and place it tightly on top. Set a level on top of the stretched cord. The level will show if the sensors are balanced or not. The bubble in the level should be exactly in the middle. If it isn’t in the middle adjust one side either up or down until it is. Once you are sure the sensors are level, screw the fittings tight on both sides of the door. After the fittings are tightened, recheck with the cord and level to make sure the sensors are still properly aligned.

Step 5 – Test

Once your installation is complete, you need to test that the sensors are working correctly. Turn the electricity back on. Start the door and make sure that if you place a hand between the two beams the door stops. If it does your job is complete. If it doesn’t you need to adjust the sensors again until it does. This is a fairly simple task although the adjustment can take a little time when you are installing garage door openers sensors.