How to Replace Glass in a Round Window

What You'll Need
Safety gloves
Safety glasses
Replacement window
Glazier's points

If you have accidentally broken the glass in a round window or want to replace it for some other reason, there are plenty of options for purchasing a round pane of glass that will fit into your round window. You can then replace the glass as though you were fitting it for any other kind of window. These kinds of window are often in difficult areas, so you may find it hard to get the right location. A ladder is vital for this installation. You can complete this project in a few hours if you have the right home improvement tools and a few basic skills.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Glass

Remove the old glass from the window. Put on some safety gloves and safety glasses for better protection. Gently remove all of the glass from the window with a hammer and a pair of pliers, using the hammer to gently knock it out of position by tapping the frame. Set all of the old glass into a safe place, and then put it into your recycling. You should remove all of the glass before proceeding.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Putty

Move slowly around the window frame, taking out the old putty. Sometimes, it will have dried into a strip, so you should be able to pull it out in one piece. If not, you may need to use a hammer and chisel to get the putty out of the frame. As you take out the putty, place all of the glazier's points and small triangular pieces in a safe place. Keep them for later, unless they are damaged. Wipe down the surface of the window frame.

Step 3 - Add the Replacement Glass

Next, push the replacement glass into the window frame. Insert the glass at the bottom first, and then slide the rest into position. You may need to take extra care with the glass for a round window, being sure that it is fully supported at all times. When you have placed the glass into the frame, take a few of the glazier's points and insert them around the edge of the window. You will be able to push the first few pieces into place, but after that it might become more difficult. Use the hammer to tap them into position.

Step 4 - Finish the Installation

Once the glass is in place, you can apply fresh caulk or window putty. This needs to be about the consistency of dough, so that you can lay it out beside the window and kneed it as though you were making bread. Kneed it a few times, and then roll it into thin strips. Place the putty against the window frame, making sure to press it in firmly. You can then leave it to dry.