How to Replace Gutter Nails with Gutter Screws

What You'll Need
Gutter screws
Claw hammer
Screwdriver drill bit
Extension Cord
Carpenters Pouch

Gutter nails secure the gutter to the side of the roof or the fascia. However, these fasteners can come loose from their respective locations and cause the gutters to hang away from the roof. This causes water to leak into the exterior walls of the home. This scenario usually happens during heavy rainfall. Instead of hammering the nails back every time this happens, it is better to replace them with gutter screws instead.

Step 1 – Inspect the Gutters

Climb up a ladder to access the roof. Count all gutter nails to get the number of screws required. Check the ferrules as well to see if some of them are bent and need replacement. The ferrules are the small cylindrical objects where the stems of the nails are fitted into. These objects span from one side of the gutter to the other. Inspect any other damages as well to see if there are any problems that need to be fixed before going to the hardware store.

Step 2 – Purchase Needed Materials

Remove a sample nail and ferrule from the gutter, and take it to the hardware store when buying replacement screws and ferrules. The replacements should be of the same diameter and length. Purchase other required materials not available at home.

Step 3 – Preparations

Determine where to start the replacement. It is a lot easier to work in an organized fashion from one side of the gutter to the other. Choose a location that has more loose nails. Place the needed materials into the carpenter pouch and hang it along your waist. Make sure the pouch is secured. Use an extension cord if necessary to allow the drill to be used at a higher elevation if you're not using a cordless, battery-operated drill. Wear protective gloves and other safety equipment. Position the ladder firmly on the ground and climb up.

Step 4 – Remove and Replace the Nails with Screws

Work with one nail at a time. If the nail is loose, simply pull it out from the side of the gutter. If it is still secured firmly, use a claw hammer to pull it off. Do not let the ferrule slip away or fall off from the roof. Set the nail aside.

Get a gutter screw. Slide it into the hole on the side of the gutter and into the ferrule. Do not secure the screw into the same hole where the nail was removed. Instead, position the end of the screw just above the hole. Use a drill and a screwdriver bit to force the screw into the fascia. Be sure not to over tighten to avoid causing damage. Move on to the next one following the same procedure.

When the location of the next nail requires bending the arms to reach it, it's better climb down the ladder and move it a bit to the direction of the next nails. Continue in the same manner until all nails are replaced.