How to Replace House Windows

What You'll Need
Protective glasses
Working gloves
Measuring tape
Utility knife
Putty knife

More and more homeowners nowadays find it convenient and practical to replace house windows in order for their homes to be energy efficient. The money spent on purchasing a replacement window that provides excellent insulation can be easily gained back by the savings you acquire from using less energy to heat or cool your home. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to replace house windows.


Step 1-Choosing the Replacement Window

Determine the type of replacement that you want to install. Balance the aesthetics and the energy efficiency of a window when out shopping for one at your local home improvement depot. You can also purchase customized replacement windows from a window manufacturer.


Step 2-Taking the Measurements for the Width and Height

Take three separate measurements to determine the width and the height of you window opening. Measure the left, the middle, and the right side of your window to get the measurement for the height. To determine the width of your window, measure from the top, middle and lower portion of your window opening. Choose the smallest figures from your height and width measurements. Give these measurements to your window manufacturer.


Step 3-Examine the New Window First

Be sure that the new replacement window is the right size and is damage-free before actually taking down your existing window. Examine the edges of your replacement window for any considerable scratches, warping and bending. 


Step 4-Wear your Protective Gears

Before doing actual work to replace your house window, wear your protective glasses and working gloves to protect yourself from injury during the course of replacing your house window.


Step 5-Removing the Old Window

Cut the caulk and paint with a knife, then slowly loosen and remove the insides of the windows. Cut to separate the window frame and the rough framing with a saw. Remove the nails and screws that support the window using a hammer and a screwdriver. 


Step 6-Installing the New Window

The new window can now be placed at the rough opening from the outside of the home. Shims should be inserted in the middle of the frame and the rough opening. Be sure to tap the structure in place to ensure its stability. Balance the window at its horizontal and vertical placement by using a level. If there are gaps seen, shims may be used by adding on thickness. Position the window with gaps of about ½ inch or less on each side. Put in the screws or nails to put the frame in place securely. Any excess wood from the shims must be removed.


Step 7-Insulation

For the gap between the window frame and the rough opening, you can install insulation, but be careful not to pack the insulation tightly between the gaps so as not to damage your window. For added insulation, you can also use insulation tape and caulk.