How to Replace Mobile Home Oil Furnace Fans

What You'll Need
New fan motor
Flathead screwdriver
Wrench set

One of the most important pieces of equipment for your mobile home is your home oil furnace. The furnace is responsible for heating the water as well as your home. If you encounter a problem with the fan not blowing properly there are steps you can take to replace the fan in your oil furnace. Working on an oil furnace can be dangerous due to the combustible elements of the system. If you are not comfortable doing so safely, always consult a oil furnace specialist for assistance.

Step 1 – Check the Blower

The fan in your oil furnace is a part of the blower system. There are a number of different issues that could affect the blower’s performance. If the blower is not cutting on, first check the hole above the gas valve to be sure the burners are lit. If the burners light then they will immediately shut off if the blower is not on. There could be other things to consider as well. Try to switch the fan into ‘manual’ or ‘on’ to see if it comes on. If it does, then the problem is in your temperature gauge. If the fan still does not come on then there is a problem in the motor of the fan. This can be replaced fairly easily, but you will first need to cut off the furnace itself.

Step 2 – Cut Off the Power

Make sure the power supply has been cut off to your furnace. There should always be an emergency cut off near the oil furnace you can switch off to accomplish this. Typically the switch is red and not hard to find around the area of the furnace. Be sure that it that it is completely switched to the off position before you begin.

Step 3 – Cut Off the Oil

It is also important to cut off the oil going into your furnace system. Check the bottom of your oil tank for a small valve that controls the flow of oil into the furnace. Twist it clockwise to completely cut off the oil going into the furnace. Make sure to turn it as far as you can so no oil is getting through.

Step 4 – Remove the Fan Motor

The exact steps here can vary depending on the type of oil furnace you have in your mobile home. The fan should be simple to locate by just removing some basic nuts and bolts. Be sure to keep track of the pieces you remove and that you remember how they should go back once you are done. The fan motor can be unhooked from the wires and inputs that is has and removed afterward. The replacement motor will go in and hook up the same way. Make sure the specific make and model of your replacement motor matches the original. Once you have it replaced you only need to reassemble the parts and restore the oil and power.