How to Replace Outdoor Slate Tile

Outdoor slate tile can shrink or expand according to the temperatures in hot and cold climates. When this happens, it causes damages to the tiles. However, there is an outdoor membrane for slate tiles that will minimize the risks of this happening to the tile. It has a buffer embedded in it to deal with the temperature changes. Replacing your outdoor tile in order to apply an outdoor membrane can be completed quickly and easily.

Tools Needed for this Job

  • Hammer
  • Grout
  • Thin-set Mortar
  • Tile Membrane
  • Slate Tile

Step 1 – Apply Thin-Set Mortar

Once you have removed the existing slate and have cleaned the area, a thin-set mortar needs to be spread on the floor from one end to the other.

Step 2 – Lay Tile Membrane

Next, lay the tile membrane down on top of it. This will be rolled out in courses covering the entire surface.

Step 3 – Replace the tiles

Press the tiles into the mortar and use spacers in between the tiles. Lay more mortar and tiles going toward the outer walls. The tile will need to be cut on the edges so that they will fit accordingly. Spread the grout over and between the tiles, sponging off any excess as you go along.