How to Replace Patio Pavers

What You'll Need
Prying Tool
New Pavers or Bricks
Mortar (if necessary)
Hammer and Chisel (if necessary)

If it’s time for a facelift for your patio and you need to replace some of the patio pavers, you can easily do it yourself. The hardest part of this job is removing the old pavers or bricks, especially if they are set in mortar. Once that part is completed however, the job is fairly easy.

Step One – Gather Materials

First, you need to make sure you have the required tools and materials; this includes the purchase of the replacement pavers or bricks. Depending on how big your job is, purchase enough sand and mortar (if you are using it) to cover the area. If you don’t have heavy duty gloves available, purchase them.

Step Two – Remove Old Pavers

If the old, cracked or ruined pavers or bricks are still in place, you will need to remove them. If they are set in sand, this is simply a matter of using a pry bar or any similar tool to pry them out of place.

If they are set in mortar it takes a little more effort to remove them. You will have to use your hammer and chisel to remove the old mortar so you can remove the paver or brick. After you remove the paver or brick, you will need to chisel off the remaining mortar from the surrounding pavers. Be gentle so as not to crack or break the remaining pavers or bricks.

Step Three – Prepare the Area

Bring your hose out to dampen the work area. Tamp down the sand in the hole you will be filling with the new pavers. Put down a fresh layer of sand; you won’t need a lot. Tamp down the fresh sand. Check for levelness.

Step Four – Check for Fit

Once you have your area prepared, it’s time to check for proper fit. Lay the brick or paver, corner first, into the hole. The main thing is to check for levelness. You can check by sight or with the level. It should be in line with the rest of the pavers. Add or remove sand as necessary.

Step Five – Install Pavers or Bricks

Install any of the pavers or bricks where you want them, in the desired design. Make certain the newly installed pavers or bricks are snug in fit and completely level.

If you are using sand, put the sand on top of the pavers and sweep into the cracks.  Sprinkle with water and tamper down. Repeat the process as necessary to fill the cracks.

If you are using mortar, mix the mortar to the appropriate texture. Add mortar to the cracks using your trowel, smoothing it out as you go along. Allow to dry and sweep away from the top.

Use this same process any time you need to replace pavers or bricks. You can also tighten the fit at any time by adding sand and tamping as necessary.