How to Replace Retaining Wall Pavers How to Replace Retaining Wall Pavers

What You'll Need
Screw driver
Putty knife
New stone
Small piece of wood

Replacing retaining wall pavers is not a difficult task, although it may seem like it to a beginner. Many times you will need to do this if you are moving to a new home or just redoing your own yard. Or, you may need to make updates to your current retaining wall pavers after a few years to take care of any that have broken down or are now outdated. Doing this process on your own can be quick and easy and can save you a lot of money since you do not have to hire someone to come in. Here are a few materials and tools that you will need, a long with some quick steps that can help you through the process:

Step 1 - Remove Paver

Before beginning this process, be sure that you are putting on a pair of safety goggles as well as gloves to protect both your eyes and hands from danger while you work. This is especially important with this project because smaller pieces tend to shoot up and can get in your eye. Use a hammer and a chisel to try to break up the paver to smaller pieces. Depending on the types of pavers you use as well as how long they have been put in place and the climate that you live in, this process could be simple and take a few seconds or it can be more difficult and take hours or days to complete. If you find that a hammer and chisel aren’t doing the trick, you may want to consider going with power tools to get the job done. You will need to keep going on each one of the pieces until you can break them each up and take out the parts. You may also want to use a knife to cut up or pick out any pieces that won't budge.

Step 2 - Replace Paver

Add a small amount of sand to the hole that was made now. Replace with a new stone and then use a piece of wood to put over the paver and then hit the wood with the hammer instead to try to move it down. Be careful as you are hitting because you do not want to crack or break it, you just want to move it down enough so that it sets nicely into the sand.

Step 3 - Fill in Sand

Now that you have replaced with the new pavers, you can sprinkle sand over them. Use a broom to sweep off the top so that you move the sand into the cracks. You can typically find sand at a cheap price at a hardware store or even on line. You can also get it at many toy stores because they use it to fill sandboxes and it is typically very inexpensive to buy. White sand also looks great if you want to spend a little more. 

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