How to Replace Rocking Chair Rockers

What You'll Need
Wax paper
Sand paper
Wood clamp

Rocking chairs give the users an ergonomic benefit as they rock comfortably back and forth, thanks to the chair rockers. The rocking chair provides a gentle motion that soothes and calms the nerves. When the rocks are broken, the rocking chair looses its function. Replacing the rockers need not be a daunting process.

Step 1: Gluing the broken pieces to the break

Using the glue, put together the rocker’s broken pieces. The glue must be strong to hold for long. Some of the recommended glues include acrylic, aliphatic and hide glue.

Step 2: Clamping the break

To ensure that the break holds firmly, use the wood clamp. Place the clamp on the break and leave it there overnight for a firm hold.

Step 3: Reinforce the break

Using the drill, make a hole on the rocker’s side, which must pass through the break. Then take the wood glue, spread it in the hole, and then fill it up using the dowel. Drive in the dowel using the hammer. Leave the chair to dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: Sawing the dowel

 Remove the excess dowel using a saw and then even out the rough side using a sand paper. Your rocking chair is now as good as new.