How to Replace RV Rims

What You'll Need
Tire lever
New rims
Car jack
Socket set
Old rag
Tire gauge

If you have a problem with your RV rims, you want to make sure that you take care of it immediately and replace them. If you wait for too long, especially on an RV, the tires may end up blowing out. If you have never done this before here are a few steps to help you through the process.

Step 1 - Take Weight into Consideration

When you are buying the new rims for your RV you want to make sure that you are taking the weight of your RV into consideration. If this is your first time replacing the rims then you can take in your old rims to match them when buying the new ones or you can go by the weight of your vehicle and tire size to determine which rims you are supposed to get.

Step 2 - Jack the RV

Before you begin this process, keep in mind at all times that you do not want to be under the RV in case the jack slips. You will need to use the tire jack to lift the wheel far off of the ground. Typically you want the tire to have about 6 to 10 inches between it and the ground.

Step 3 - Deflate the Tire

Before you begin anything with the rim you want to deflate the tire that you are working on. The reason for this is that you will have room to get the old rim off and not have to worry about the tire being too close to it or getting popped or scratched.

Step 4 - Loosen the Rim and Detach

Using the socket you can loosen the fastenings that are holding on the rim. As you are taking them off you want to make sure and save them so that you can use the pieces later on when reattaching. Using the tire lever you can pry off the old rim from your tire. The best way to do this is carefully pry off at different points of the rim to make sure that you aren't scratching the tire.

Step 5 - Replace Rim

Once the old rim is off you can use the fastenings from that one to attach the new rim. You want to take this step very slowly and make sure that each screw on the rim is fastened on completely.

Step 6 - Inflate Tire and Clean

Now that the new rim is on you can carefully inflate the tire back to the original size. You can use a tire gauge to make sure that you have the correct setting. Once you have finished this step you want to clean off the tire and the rim with an old rag and move the tire back to the ground using the tire jack.

Following these steps will help to ensure you get the new rim on as efficiently as possible. Keep in mind throughout each step that safety is a number one priority and to stay away from under the RV.