How to Replace Shower Door Rollers

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What You'll Need
Replacement shower door rollers
Spray lubricant

The shower door rollers are what allows the shower door to be opened easily. Over time the shower door rollers can become worn and will be in need of replacement. When that is necessary you can employ the following steps and process to replace the shower door rollers. This is a repair that can be done by any do-it-yourselfer and only requires the correct type of shower door rollers and a screwdriver.

When replacing the shower door rollers, you need to check to see what type of rollers that your shower door uses. There are 2 types of shower door rollers, which are round edge and flat edge. The edge types are what fits into the roller groove so it is important to match the correct rollers with the type that is going to be replaced for your shower door.

Step 1 - Purchase the Replacement Shower Door Rollers

From a home improvement store or hardware center, purchase the replacement shower door rollers for your shower door. You need to make sure to match the type of shower door rollers with the type that is currently installed on your shower doors. If you are unsure whether your shower door has a round edge or a flat edge shower door roller, proceed to Step 2 which discusses the removal of the existing shower door rollers in order to learn how to remove the rollers to see what type of edge the roller has. With that information you can return to the home improvement or hardware store and purchase the correct shower door rollers.

Step 2 - Remove the Existing Shower Door Rollers

Take the shower door and pull it off the track that it is attached to. Lift up and pull outward in order to dislodge the door from the shower door frame. With the shower door removed from the shower door frame, take a screwdriver and remove the shower door rollers. Simply loosen the screw (should be a Philips head screw or hex screw) and pull the roller off of the shower door.

Step 3 - Replace the Shower Door Rollers

Place the replacement shower door rollers on the shower door and fasten them using the screwdriver. Make sure that the rollers are fastened securely to the shower door and are not wobbling or loose.

Step 4 - Place the Shower Door Back in the Frame

With the replacement shower door rollers in place take the shower door and snap it back in place on the tract in the shower door frame. Make sure that the rollers make contact with the tract and pull the door along the frame to make sure that it is in place. If necessary use spray lubricant in the tract to facilitate the movement of the door in the frame. Make sure that for the shower door roller that you have installed that it is advisable to use a spray lubricant.