How to Replace Sliding Window Screens

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Replacing a sliding window screen is a moderately easy task that requires very few tools. Unlike conventional screens, sliding screens do not have to be completely removed in order to be opened. However, they must be replaced every few years to ensure the proper function of the sliding device.

Remove Existing Window Screen

To begin, loosen the screws at both the bottom and the top of the window screen. This will loosen the spring-loaded rollers and allow them to drop down. Lift up on the window screen and pull the bottom towards you. You may find that you will have to jiggle the screen slightly before it comes completely unhinged. This should completely uninstall the screen so that your windows are free to install the new screens.

Measure and Purchase New Screens

Measure your window screen dimensions to make sure you get the correct size. Make sure to measure across the top and the bottom of the screen. You will also want to get the measurement of the depth of your screen. In other words, measure from the inside of your window sill to the outside of your window sill. This measurement will help you select the best screen type for your window. Then, go to your local hardware store where they should carry most standard sizes. If your window is nonstandard, one can be ordered for you in the size that you need.


Loosen the screws at the top of the window screen and slide the top of the screen into the track. Raise the window screen up and push the bottom panel into the bottom track. Slide the window screen a few times to ensure that it functions properly. If the screen does not slide smoothly, please remember that screws may be tightened to help the screen slide smoothly and evenly along the track. If the screen is sliding very stiffly, you may want to try and loosen the screws a little to help it slide more easily in its track. You can set the screws at any setting of your sliding preference, just make sure the screws are tight enough to hold the screen in the window.

Most sliding window screens feature a security bar that can be installed on the inside to prevent the screen from being opened from the outside. This will help to deter intruders from opening your screen from the outside and having access to your home. This security feature is especially important for screens and windows that are on a lower or ground level.

Other features that window screens can be equipped with are quiet rollers and fire-resistant voile. Quiet Rollers will help the screen slide more silently without making much noise. The fire-resistant voile will be useful in the event of a fire. The screen will repel any flames that may come in contact with it.