How to Replace Soffit Vents

What You'll Need
Soapy water
Paper towels
Replacement Soffit Vents
Claw hammer

Soffit vents are a good way of ensuring that your attic remains well-ventilated during the summer months, but after a while, you may decide that you want to try and replace them. After a few years, these kinds of vents can easily become worn or even broken, so that you need to replace them quickly in order to keep the ventilation in your attic at a premium. Replacing the soffit vents can sometimes involve replacing the whole of the sofft itself, but if you are careful, you should be able to preserve the siding while removing the unwanted soffit.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Soffit Vents

Take your screwdriver, and remove all of the screws which are holding the vents in place. You need to ensure that you have removed as many of the screws as possible before you carry on. If you have not had the soffit in position very long, then you may find that it is easy to remove the vent, but in most cases you will need to prise it off using the claw portion of your claw hammer. Put the claw between the vent and the soffit, and pull downwards. The vent should then come away cleanly. Repeat this for all of the soffit vents that you wish to replace.

Step 2 - Clean the Soffit

Before you carry on, make sure to wipe down the soffit with a cloth and some soapy water. Ensure that you have removed any dirt or debris from around the edges of the soffit, and that it looks suitably clean. You should then wipe it down with some paper towels in order to dry it out. If necessary leave overnight, and fit the replacement soffits in the morning.

Step 3 - Cut Your New Soffit Vents

Take your new pieces of vent, and lay them out on the ground. You can use your old vents as templates to guide you when cutting the vents, and when making holes in the edge. Make sure that the vents are cut to a suitable size, and use a drill to make the holes where the screws will go. You may prefer to remove and replace each of the soffit vents in turn, as this prevents you having to move the ladder about frequently.

Step 4 - Install Your New Soffit Vents

Take the soffit vents, and add screws to each of the holes. Line the holes in your soffit vents up as closely with the holes in the soffit, in order to prevent you from tearing the soffit, or making a double hole that cannot hold the screw. When you have finished installing the new vents, go back inside and use a match to check that smoke is being drawn out of the vents. Repeat for all of the vents you have to install, and then caulk the edges of the vents to ensure that water cannot penetrate the attic.