How to Replace Spanish Roof Tiles How to Replace Spanish Roof Tiles

What You'll Need
A ladder
A chisel
Roofing underlining
A trowel
Chalk line
Replacement tile
Roof tile adhesive
A hammer
Roofing nails
Work boots
Work gloves
Protective eyewear

Spanish roof tiles are a unique roof covering that originated in Europe. They have become a common roofing tile throughout many different parts of the world. Spanish tiles can be used to add a dramatic look to the exterior of your home. These durable roofing tiles are available in various colors and styles. They require little maintenance effort, however extreme weather can cause cracking in the tiles. Replacing the tiles is a simple home improvement task.  Be sure to check the membrane under the tiles as well.

Step 1 – Safety

Be sure to put on your work boots, work gloves and protective eyewear before beginning any roofing tile replacement work. Have a friend or family member with you while you work. Carefully move up and down the ladder. Always be cognizant of the edges of the roof while you are working. Check the weather forecast, to be sure you have a day of good weather to complete the job. Should the weather become stormy, leave the work until the weather clears.

Step 2 – Checking Your Roof Tiles

Carefully climb your ladder, in order to get up on the roof and check your Spanish tiles. Walk across the roof top and inspect the roofing system. Check the entire roof for any cracked or broken tiles. Use chalk to mark the tile, so that easier to spot when it is time for repairs.

Step 3 - Patching Damaged Tiles

Damaged tiles need to be replaced as soon as possible. Any water that permeates the roof through the damaged tiles can cause serious damage to the roofing system. It is simpler and easier to work on small areas that require repair than to replace the whole roof. Carefully slide 1 of the broken tiles from the roof. Use a trowel to apply mortar to the area where the tile was removed. Carefully position the new tile in place. Continue removing and replacing all of the damaged tiles until the roof is completely repaired.

Step 4 – Checking Your Roofing Membrane

At each of the areas of damaged tiles, carefully lift up the piece and inspect the membrane material underneath. Be sure the membrane is in good condition and that there is no evidence of damage.

Step 5 – Repairing Damaged Membrane

Cracks and damage on the roofing membrane require repair. Use your membrane patching material to cover the damaged areas. Apply a thin layer of the membrane patch over the area. Be sure the material is laying in a flat and even position on the roof.

Step 6 – Replacing Membrane

Any membrane material that has become torn from your roof needs to be replaced. Carefully slide the roof tile off of the roof. Cut a piece of membrane patch and apply it to the exposed area. Secure the material in place with a nail. Be sure the new piece overlaps the existing membrane. Return the tile to its proper position.

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