How to Replace Spark Plug Wiring

You don't need to be an auto mechanic to replace your spark plug wiring.

Tools and Material Needed

  • New set of spark plug wires
  • Soft dry cotton rags

Step 1--Find Your Distributor Cap

Allow your car engine to cool completely. Open your car hood and look for your distributor cap. It will be the unit with all the spark plug wires coming out of it.

Step 2--Remove Spark Plug Wires

Remove your spark plug wires one at a time, replacing each old wire with a new one before moving to the next wire. To remove the wire, pull straight up on the wire by grasping the boot (the thick part at the end of the wire) and pulling up. Remove from the distributor cap end and then at the spark plug end. Use your rag to wipe off any oil, debris or dirt on the wire boot to make it easier to grasp.

Step 3--Install New Spark Plug Wire

Grasp the spark plug boot in between your thumb and index and middle fingers and attach it to the spark plug cap first. Push firmly on the boot until you hear or feel the wire click into place. Attach the other end of the wire at the distributor cap. Repeat until all the wires are replaced.