How to Replace Stone Bench Tops

What You'll Need
Bench tops
Measuring tape
Adjustable Wrench
Plastic sheets
Plastic pan
Utility knife
Masking tape

Solid stone bench tops are more expensive than wood bench tops. You can install top quality solid granite, or engineered stone tops, in your kitchen or bath room. Considering their durability, solid stone bench tops work out cheaper in the long term. 

You can install a stone bench top to replace the existing one. If needed, you can also reinforce the strength of existing cabinets, to take the load of heavier stone tops. The new tops can be installed properly to be level as well.

Kitchen bench tops really matter for the overall look of a kitchen.  It is important to replace the existing kitchen bench tops to add to its style, functionality and aesthetic look. There is a wide choice of bench tops styles.

You can overhaul your kitchen, without going for a complete renovation, by just replacing the bench tops, to get a completely new look. The job certainly involves muscles and leg work. It is normally the job of experts.

Step 1: Disconnecting the Plumbing Lines

Turn off the valve below the sink. Also turn off the main water supply to kitchen.

Step 2: Disconnecting P-trap

Disconnect p-trap below the sink, with an adjustable wrench.

Step 3: Removing P-trap

Keep a water bucket or pan under the p-track of the sink. Unscrew the trap and take out the p- trap from the drain.

Step 4:  Cutting the Water Supply to Faucet

Disconnect all water supply lines to the faucet from the wall.  Remove the sink and faucet.

Step 5: Covering the Floor

Spread plastic sheets on the floor on the areas where the debris should not fall directly on floor. Fix the plastic sheet with a masking tape on the floor.

Step 6: Removing the Backsplash

Pry the backsplash from the wall, using the hammer and a pry bar. See that the drywall is not damaged.

Step 7:  Removing Bench Top

Chisel the bench top with a chisel and pry it slowly. Grind the grout lines, if top is tiled, and pull off the bench top after the back splash is removed. The job will be done faster with a power chisel.

Step 8: Installing the new Bench Top

Decide if you are using a new sink or the same old one. The opening is cut in the new top according to the sink.

Step 9: Installing Reinforcements below the Top

Set the reinforcing rails on the top of the cabinets, wherever required, and fix them with adhesive and screws. These will help to bear the load of the new top, if it is heavier.

Step 10: Placing the Silicone Bead

With a silicone gun, run a bead of silicone sealant adhesive on the top of cabinet, where the new top will sit, for fixing of the top

Step 11: Install the new Top

With the assistance of 2 or three people, lift and place the top in its position. Place the new top on the cabinets carefully.  Ensure that you do not smear up the silicone. Press the bench top down firmly, after putting it in the right position.

Step 12: Installing the Sink

Fix the sink on its position and reconnect all plumbing, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fix faucet and p-trap for drainage.The bench top is now replaced.