How to Replace Storm Door Closers

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Storm door closers are one of the most important parts of a storm door mechanism, combined with storm door handles. Realizing how important storm doors are to keep a household warm regardless of the weather conditions outside, it is imperative that storm door hardware (including storm door closers and handles) functions perfectly. Obviously, hardware ages over time and requires replacement at some point. Here is a step-by-step guide to replacing storm door closers (first removing door handles) for perfect storm door functioning.

Remove Storm Door Handle

The first step is to remove the storm door handle since without doing this the closer cannot be removed. Using the Philips head screwdriver, remove the retaining screws that are holding the handle in place. Keep the screws that you’ve taken out in a safe place. The handle and closer both come off at this point.

Check Striker Plate

Check the old striker plate for any damage. If it is in good condition, the old plate can stay and be used. Otherwise, replacement is necessary.

Buy New Storm Door Handle and Closer

When you have taken out the storm door handle, bring it to a hardware store and do some matching. Your job is to find a handle and closer similar to the old one. It will steer you away from any more alteration jobs to the storm door hardware fitting.

Install New Storm Door Handle

Using the screws, install the new door handle by tightening the screws through it into the three holes that were already in the storm door when you took out the handle. Align and tighten the new handle with the striker plate. Make sure the alignment is perfect and allows easy closing of the door.

Install New Storm Door Closer

Now, look for the existing screw holes. This is where you have to attach the brackets that have come with the storm door closer. When the brackets are attached to the door, join the closer to them with the retaining pin. Then attach the closer to the door bracket and test if the door opens and closes correctly. Hopefully, it won’t be too fast or too slow. Just in case it is, move on to Step 6.

Adjust the Storm Door Closer

You have to find the Philips head screw now, which is somewhere around the center of the pneumatic cylinder in the bracket, towards the door. The trick is to turn the screw clockwise if the door is closing too fast and to turn it anti-clockwise if the door is closing too slow. Keep adjusting here until you get your desired result.