How to Replace Stump Grinder Teeth

stump surrounded by lawn
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Allen wrench
Multi tip dump grinder teeth
Compressed air
Clean work surface
Machine oil

The stump grinder teeth are the working part of the stump grinder that tears up the stump and roots. When removing a tree from a yard, it is difficult to dig up the stump to create for an even landscaping. Many people simply leave the stump and decorate it with flowers or a cover. A stump grinder gives homeowners the ability to completely remove the stump for an uninterrupted lawn.

When the stump grinder teeth begin to get dull, they can chip, or break off. This is because of the excess heat that is built up when cutting through the stumps. Replacing the teeth is not a difficult process and one that should be mastered if you plan to operate a stump grinder.

Step 1 - Remove Spark Plug from Stump Grinder

Before you start to remove any of the stump grinder teeth you will want to remove the spark plug. This will ensure that the machine will not start while you are working on it. This can be very dangerous, and cause serious injury if someone happens to start it while you have your hands around the teeth. Disconnect the spark plug wire and remove the plug with a spark plug wrench.

Step 2 - Prepare Work Surface

Most of the time, the stump grinder will be too large to lift onto a work table. Make sure you have a large area on a flat surface to work on. You can set the stump grinder on its side, or simply sit next to the teeth. Clear away any of the obstructions that may get in your way.

Step 3 - Remove Old Stump Grinder Teeth

old stump

Working in a methodical manner, begin to remove the stump grinder teeth. Most stump grinder teeth are secured with the use of a small set screw. This screw can have an Allen wrench head or a basic Philips screwdriver head. Depending on the type that you have, begin to loosen the screws and remove each tooth. As you remove one, set it inside a container so you can sharpen them and move the arm to get access to the next tooth.

Step 4 - Clean Tooth Cavities

Once all of the stump grinder teeth have been removed from the stump grinder you will need to clean off the cavities to make sure the new ones sit perfectly. Blow some air along the cutting arm and then use a rag to wipe each one down. Apply a light coating of machine oil onto the cavities so the new teeth will not begin to rust or burn up from the heat.

Step 5 - Install New Multi Tip Stump Grinder Teeth

Following the same procedure you used in removing the teeth, do the same thing only in reverse. Set the tooth onto the cavity area and tighten the set screw. Make sure the tooth is tight and does not move in the cavity. Move onto the next one and continue tightening the stump grinder teeth until they are all installed.

Step 6 - Install Spark Plug

After all of the teeth are replaced, you can re-install the spark plug and connect the wire.