How to Replace Swamp Cooler Filters

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
New Filter
Rag or Compressed Air

Clean swamp cooler filters will help this type of evaporative cooler perform much more efficiently. This type of cooler works through the process of evaporating water in order to provide a cool mist through the fan. This mist is then pushed into the home and cools it off. While it is does not cool the home like an air conditioner, it does provide cooler air using a lot less electricity. 

Basic maintenance of your swamp cooler will keep it running effectively for many years without any problems. One of the tasks involved in the maintenance is changing the swamp cooler filters. Replacing the filter is a very simple process that can be done within a few minutes. Here are the steps to take to replace your swamp cooler filters. 

Step 1: Locate Swamp Cooler Filter

The swamp cooler is a very simple appliance. When you take the cover off you will find several different housings. One is for the blower motor and one is for the evaporative pads. The filter will be located near the blower motor. 

Step 2: Remove Old Filter

Unscrew the housing cover for the filter. Unsnap the filter from the housing and remove it from the unit. Check the area to make sure that there is no debris in the housing. If so, then you will need to drain some of the water so you can clean it out. 

Step 3: Clean Filter

There are times when you may only need to clean out the old filter. Use some compressed air and blow out any of the debris and dirt. Most of the time this is going to be good for a spare, in the case of an emergency. Do not throw out this filter unless it is damaged. 

Step 4: Measure Filter

Use a tape measure and get the dimensions for the swamp cooler filter. You will need this measurement when you buy a new one. If your swamp cooler is an older unit, you might need to search for the filters in order to buy them. However, go to you plumbing supply store and check if they have the filters you need. 

Step 5: Install New Filter

Once you have the new filter you can install it in your swamp cooler. Take the filter out of the package and make sure that it is the right dimensions. Set it into the filter housing and snap it into place. Replace the cover for the filter. 

Step 6: Refill Swamp Cooler

Since the swamp cooler will need to be full of water in order to run effectively, then you need to fill the unit with water. Use fresh water and fill it to the level where it will operate correctly.

Step 7: Replace Unit Cover

After the swamp cooler filter has been changed, and the water level has been filled, you can replace the unit cover. Make sure that it seals tight so that the water will evaporate correctly. Turn on the swamp cooler and make sure that the filter is working the way that it should.