How to Replace the Gas Control Valve on Your Furnace

A man works on a furnace.
What You'll Need
New gas valve control
Pipe wrenches, screw drivers, or pliers
Protective clothing e.g. overalls, working gloves

It is important to regularly inspect the working condition of oil and gas heating furnaces to find out if gas control valve, control knobs, or thermocouples are in good condition. Proper maintenance allows efficient use of energy and fuel. It also prevents the appliance from being a potential health hazard. Repair any parts in the furnace if they are damaged or faulty.

Some of the indications that the gas furnace might not be working properly include: poor production of heat, the fire keeps going off or does not light correctly, a continuous flickering of the flame, or the appearance of an uneven flame or too much noise in the furnace. Any of these conditions call for inspection and repair of the source problem in the furnace.

Step 1 - Get Necessary Tools and Equipment

Get the model of the gas valve control you need to buy. Confirm the model of the equipment from the old one and get an exact replacement from hardware or manufacturer stores. It is important to find an exact match because it provides a perfect fit for the furnace. This prevents leakage in the system.

Step 2 - Turn Off Gas Supply

Locate the gas control knob and turn it off. Find the gas control valve and switch it off as well. It prevents gas from leaking while replacing the old gas control valve. Do not proceed until the room is clear of gas. If there is a strong smell of gas in the house, then call a plumber to correct the problem. However, turning off the control knob first and then the control valve effectively stops the supply of gas into the furnace.

Step 3 - Remove the Old Gas Control Valve

Use a pipe wrench to unscrew the old equipment from the furnace’s system. Be careful not to damage gas supply pipes. Pliers or screwdrivers can also be used. Use gentle, but firm movements until the old gas control valve is loose enough, then use your hands to dismount the equipment from the system.

Step 4 - Make a Replacement

Take the new gas control valve and fix it using pliers or pipe wrenches. Watch out so that the pipes are not twisted or folded while fastening the equipment. Make sure that it is fast enough and secure so as to allow efficient flow of gas. Check that the control valve does not leak gas as well.

Turn on the gas flow system. Start by switching on the gas knob, and then the gas control valve. Confirm that the pressure is correct and regulate it is as it is required. Light the fireplace and check for the condition of the flame. It should be able to light a blue flame with a small yellow light.