How to Replace the Glass in Metal Window Frames

broken glass
  • 72-96 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-130
What You'll Need
Window glass
Masking or duct tape
Spring clips (made for metal window frames)
Chisel or flathead screwdriver
Putty knife
Glazing compound
Single-edge razor blade
Heavy work gloves
Safety goggles

Replacing broken glass from metal window frames is a daunting task. You have to be careful when dealing with glass so as not to damage the glass as well as injure yourself. Knowing how to refit the glass pane of your metal window is a useful skill since replacing a glass pane is one of the most common house repairs that you would have to do. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to replace glass in metal window frames.

Step 1-Clear Metal Window Frame of All Glass

Use your heavy work gloves as well as your safety goggles and remove all the broken glass. Do this from the outside of the room. Use masking tape or duct tape and use a crisscross motion on both sides of the glass. Tap it carefully using a hammer and break the glass off. The tape will stop the whole glass from shattering into little pieces.

Step 2-Take Out Spring Clips

Remove the spring clips that are attached to the glass and the metal window frame. Purchase new spring clips from your local hardware or home improvement store so that you will have enough spring clips to use.

Step 3-Remove Old Putty from Frame

Using a chisel or flathead screwdriver, remove the old putty that is stuck onto the metal window frame. After removing the old putty, you can sand the remaining area on the window frame to ensure that it is smooth and flat.

Step 4-Take Measurements

Measure the edges of the interior area of the frame. The new glass piece must be 1/8 inch smaller than what you measured for the opening of the frame. Install the new glass piece. Be sure to purchase the same type of glass as what you previously had.

Step 5-Apply Window Putty and Install New Glass

Take a bit of window putty and roll the putty in your hands until you form a long cord of putty that measures about ¼ of an inch in thickness. Place the putty around the entire metal window frame. Use a putty knife to press down on the putty. Take the new glass and place it firmly on the glazing compound.

Step 6-Secure Glass

Use the spring clips and snap the clips on the predrilled holes located on the metal window frame. Secure the new glass in place. They should be spaced out every 6 inches.

Step 7-Seal Window

Use a putty cord measuring 3/8 of an inch thick and place this around the exterior edge of the metal window frame to seal. Apply some pressure onto the putty.

Step 8-Apply Glazing Compound

Use your putty knife, hold it at a 45-degree angle, and smooth out the glazing compound. Apply some water on your putty knife between strokes to prevent sticking. Use a razor blade to scrape off any excess putty. Let this set and dry for a few days.