How to Replace the Master Cooler in an Evaporative Air Conditioner How to Replace the Master Cooler in an Evaporative Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Master Cooler Box
Hose Clamps

An evaporative air conditioner is an alternative to an expensive-to-operate air conditioning unit. Most often referred to as a swamp cooler, the evaptorative air conditioner does not use any type of coolant to control the temperature and humidity within a room or home. This type of air conditioner works through a system of evaporation to create a cool, moist air. At times there can be a problem with the master cooler box within the unit. Instead of hiring out an HVAC repairman, a do it yourself homeowner can easily replace the master cooler themselves. Here are the steps needed to complete this project.

Step 1: Unplug Evaporative Air Cooler

Before doing any work to the evaporative air cooler you must first unplug it from the power supply. Some of these coolers may be connected directly to the circuit breaker through the electrical system in the house. If so, then turn off the breaker that controls power to the correct junction box.

Step 2: Drain Water

Drain the water from the air cooler with the use of a bucket and the drain hole. Simply remove the drain cover and let it drain into the bucket.

Step 3: Remove Cover

There are several screws on the bottom of the cover to the air cooler. Remove these with a screwdriver and lift off the cover. You should be able to see the master cooler box in the corner of the unit. The power cord, pump and fan wires should be coming from it.

Step 4: Remove Wires from Box

Before you can remove the master cooler control box from the unit you must disconnect the wires that are coming from it. The power cord will need to be removed through loosening the terminals that each individual wire is connected to. The other wires should be connected through a plug and pin system. Simply pry the retaining clip with a small screwdriver and pull the wire apart.

Step 5: Remove Control Box

Loosen the retaining screws that hold the control box to the unit body. Remove these screws and lift out the control box.

Step 6: Install New Control Box

With the old box removed from the evaporative air cooler you can now install the new one. Set it into position and secure it with the retaining screws. You can use the same ones if they are not corroded. If they are, use new ones to lessen the chance of problems later.

Step 7: Connect Wiring

In the reverse order that you removed the wiring from the old master connect them to the new control box. Plug the wire harnesses together and tighten the screws for the terminals that secure the power cord.

Step 8: Check General Condition

With the control box installed you can check the general condition of the other parts. If you notice signs of corrosion on some of the screws, hose clamps, or other parts, try to clean them off or replace them.

Step 9: Fill and Plug In

Fill the air cooler with water again and secure the cover. Plug the unit back and check test out the operation of the new master cooler box.

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