How to Replace the Throttle Cable on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle throttle on the handlebars
  • 3-6 hours
  • Advanced
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
New throttle cable
Socket set

In the unfortunate situation where you end up with a broken throttle cable on your motorcycle, you will need to know how to repair it if you decide to do it yourself. Motorcycles are sometimes challenging to work on, owing to the minimal amount of movement and room to get your hands into small crevices between parts. This can be quite hazardous so make sure you follow the proper procedures when undertaking the job.

Step 1 - Situate the Motorcycle

Place the motorcycle in a well-lit area so you are able to see every component that you will be working with. Secure the motorcycle so it does not wobble when you work. Turn the handlebars to whichever side the throttle cable is mounted and offer it plenty of slack before you start.

Step 2 - Removal

Motorcycle handle bars and throttle

Use the socket set and an appropriate sized socket wrench to release the bolt on the cable assembly on the handlebar. If your motorcycle has different assembly fixtures use whatever appropriate tool is needed, but it is usually a socket set. Remove the assembly from the handle bars. Pry open the assembly and unhook the cable from the housing.

Step 3 - Threading

This part can be difficult because there are small obstructions that you may encounter during the removal stage. You may have clips or rings to take off before you can release the cable from the other end. Pull it through as far as you can until you meet an obstruction and then remove the obstruction carefully.

Step 4 - Other End

Once you have threaded the entire cable out to the other end you can unhook it from the housing. You will likely require a similar socket at the other end as you did for the front. Take the whole cable housing off the motorcycle and prepare to replace it with the new cable.

Step 5 - Replace

Motorcycle handle bars and throttle

Take the new cable and begin where you ended with taking the old one off. Start at the rear housing and attach with the same bolt that held the old one on. Secure the housing and tighten the socket with the wrench. Thread the new cable through the same route you used to remove the old cable until it reaches the handlebars at the front. Again, you will meet the same obstructions that you met on the removal stage, but negotiate those in the same way and replace any fittings that needed taking off.

Step 6 - Assembly

Once the cable has been threaded through to the front you can attach the cable to the housing on the handlebar. You should have the same amount of slack that the old cable had. Possibly more if the cable was sized to fit the motorcycle. Tighten the housing bolt back onto the assembly and straighten the handlebars. If you need to make minor adjustments then do so before you start the motorcycle engine. Test the throttle cable and make sure it pulls correctly.