How to Replace the Water Valve on RV Portable Toilets

What You'll Need
Replacement Water Valve

If you need to replace the water valve on your RV portable toilets, this is not a very difficult thing to do. The water valve can easily be accessed, and you can replace it quickly. Any signs of water on the floor should be treated quickly. Replacing the water valve in your portable toilets is one of the simplest repair jobs possible.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Water Valve

Start by taking off the old water valve. You need to make sure that the water and electrical connections to the toilet are shut off. You should then drain the water tank and ensure that your holding tank is also empty. Find the base cover for your portable toilets, and remove it by taking off the screws. You should then unscrew the handle to the toilet, and you will see the water valve, held in place by two screws. Remove these screws, and pull off the valve.

Step 2 - Install the New Water Valve

You can then insert the new water valve. Push new screws through the holes where the water valve was secured before. Then, add the water handle and refit the base cover. Flush to check that all parts have been fitted correctly.