How to Replace the Wiring on a Cassette Tape Adapter How to Replace the Wiring on a Cassette Tape Adapter

What You'll Need
Soldering iron
Replacement wiring
Wire strippers
Paper and pen

Replacing the wiring on a cassette tape adapter is not a difficult process, but it does require a few basic tools. A cassette tape adapter is used with a variety of components to operate accessories such as satellite radio systems, CD players or mp3 players through your car's cassette deck. If you do not have the tools to do the project, or can not borrow them, it's not worth buying them for this project alone, as you will need a soldering iron, which will cost far more than it will to replace the cassette adapter. If you would like to practice soldering and want one anyway, this is a good, easy project to start with using a soldering iron.

Step 1 - Gather Your Materials

Due to the high heat of the soldering iron, you will want to work on a surface that will not be damaged if touched by the hot soldering iron. Plug the iron in to let it heat up. For replacement wiring, you can use the wires from a pair of cheap headphones. Simply cut them away from the headphones. Make sure that you have your tools all together.

Step 2 - Disassemble Casing

Start by disassembling the casing of the cassette tape adapter. It is typically held together with several tiny screws. Carefully remove the screws using the screwdriver. Have a container handy to put them in as they are minuscule and easily lost. Once they have been removed, the two sides of the cassette will pull apart. Inside is the components of the adapter, and the main component is a PC board. Remove this, if possible, to avoid damaging surrounding components. Take care to keep track of all parts and where they go (use the pen and paper to diagram it).

Step 3 - Remove Existing Wiring

Take note, again using the pen and paper of the wiring configuration and which wires are connected at which locations. There are typically 3 wires: red, white, and copper. Using the soldering iron, hold the iron to each spot of solder that connects the wiring to the PC board. This only takes a couple of seconds before the wires can be pulled away. Take care not to hold it on the spot too long, as this will damage the PC board.

Step 4 - Solder New Wiring

Using the strippers, remove 1/4 to 1/2 inch of insulation from the wires that will be used as replacements. Hold the soldering iron to each spot of solder to heat it up and enable the new wires to adhere to the solder. Take care not to heat it up too much to avoid damaging the surrounding components.

Step 5 - Replace Casing

Replace all components in the casing and reinsert and tighten all screws. Test the adapter by plugging it in to a cassette deck and playing music.

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