How to Replace Toilet Bolts

What You'll Need
Power drill
Tape measure

Part of the process of properly securing your bathroom fixtures is using toilet bolts to fix the toilet to the floor and wall. Understanding what is necessary from them will ensure that you get the correct type.

Step 1 – Remove the Existing

Begin by removing the existing toilet bolts with a wrench, if they are present. The withdrawn bolts can be used to ensure that the correct sized replacements are obtained. Where a new installation is taking place and there are no bolts to remove, measure the diameter of the holes at the base of the toilet bowl and at the rear of the cistern and use these dimensions.

Step 2 – Drill Holes

If you are not undertaking a straight replacement, you will need to start by drilling the holes to accommodate the toilet bolts. Position the toilet bowl and cistern and mark the holes with a pencil. Drill holes at the marked points.       

Step 3 – Insert Bolts

After repositioning the toilet, use a wrench to insert the floor bolts first. You will then be able to fit any bolts that may be required within the cistern to fix it to the wall.