How to Replace Window Awnings How to Replace Window Awnings

What You'll Need
New Window Awnings
Soapy water
Lint Free Rag
Window Cleaner
Instruction booklet for your window awning
Lint free cloths

Window awnings are installed on the exterior of a home to create shade, shield the sun and reduce the amount of heat that enters the home. This can help save energy and cooling costs during hot summer months. There are several different types of awnings available for purchase, ranging from metal to canvas and many different types of colors, styles and decor. Below are instructions on how to replace your window awnings.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Awning

Remove the old awning material. If you are installing a brand new kit, also remove all of the hardware that is attached to the house, including screws and arms.

Step 2 - Clean the Window and Touch Up the Molding

Once you have dismantled and removed the old window awning, clean up the window and molding with warm soapy water. Spray the glass with window cleaner and wipe with a lint-free cloth. Touch up any paint on the molding around the window as necessary. Scrape the peeling paint first, sand down and then apply a fresh coat of paint.

Step 3 - Follow Directions

Unpackage the new window awnings you have just purchased and read out the instruction booklet. Check for specific components, including brackets, valance screws, mins and arms that will extend from the window frame to the awning.

Step 4 - Install the Brackets

Install the brackets onto the joists of your window frame. For added support, you can always install the brackets right into the brick or the exterior layer of the home. Drill a 3-inch hole onto the frame of your home. Slide the brackets into the hole, and secure them based on the manufacturer's directions. Then, attach the arms for the window awnings.

Step 5 - Attach the Fabric

Attach your window awning fabric into place. The fabric may be a simple cloth or canvas. Again, consult the directions for your particular window awning. If you are using fabric, it will generally get added by a rolling tube. If you are using a metal awning, then you will need to clip the metal to the arms of the awning that you have just installed.

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