How to Replace Window Panes

What You'll Need
Replacement glass
Safety goggles and gloves
Putty knife
Paint (preferably rust-proof)
Masking tape
Measuring tape
Glass scraper
Glaziers putty
Glaziers spring clips

Broken window panes need to be dealt with sooner rather than later, since they provide a twofold cause for trouble. Firstly and most evidently, broken glass windows are very dangerous, since the jagged glass shards would be razor-sharp. Secondly, they expose your home to the outside weather, be it rain in the winter or insects during summer. Here is how to replace a broken glass window pane and avoid any possible trouble.

Step 1 - Remove Current Glass

Put on your safety goggles and gloves, and get ready to remove the current glass. The safest way to do this is to cover both sides of the glass with masking tape, so it will not fragment in the process. When both sides are covered, start beating the glass with a hammer, and it should come off as one piece. In case some pieces do not come off, rap them with the hammer until they weaken, and remove them manually.

Step 2  - Clean Up the Frame

Use a chisel to get rid of any old putty residing in the frame. You should also eliminate any tabs or clips which held the old glass pane in the window frame.

Step 3 - Measure The New Glass

Once the old glass is removed, it is time to measure the new glass. You should ideally use double-strength glass, secured in place by plenty of spring clips. At the very least, make sure there is a clip every six inches around the outer edge of the glass pane. 

Step 4 - Apply Glazier Putty

Apply the glazier’s putty around the whole edge of the window frame, starting from a corner. When enough putty is in place, lay the new glass pane on it and press it down. Some of the putty will inevitably come out – don’t worry since this is useful for eliminating any air bubbles.

Step 5 - Remove Extra Putty

Use a glass scraper to remove the extra putty from both sides of your new window. Leave the putty to dry completely, which should take around three days. Remember, if you rush things the end result will reflect your rashness. Work patiently if you want to carry out a satisfying project.

Step 6 - Paint Your Frame

When the compound dries, you can paint your frame in the color you want. At this stage it is highly recommended to use rust-proof paint, since if you use ordinary paint you will probably start having problems with your window again. While applying the paint, lap it slightly onto the glass itself to ensure a thorough sealing. Wait for the paint to dry completely, and you can clean your glass with a cloth.

Your glass window pane is now successfully replaced, and you can start to use your window normally once again. If you used rust-proof paint your window should not give any more short-term trouble.