How to Replace Your Car AC Cooling Fan

What You'll Need
Replacement AC cooling fan
Vehicles manual
Masking tape

The air conditioning in your car is essentially a refrigerator that has been turned inside out and rebuilt to fit inside your car with the AC cooling fan at the helm. When the air no longer blows, the AC cooling fan may be broken. You will want to get this fixed quickly, but a mechanic will charge a lot of money. Follow the simple steps below to effectively change the cooling fan on your own

Step 1 – Get the AC Cooling Fan

To begin, purchase the correct replacement cooling fan from your local auto parts store. To ensure that you have an adequate replacement part, you will need the make, model and year of your vehicle. With this information, the store will be able to sell you the correct fan.

Step 2 – Accessing the Cooling Fan

To replace the cooling fan in your vehicle, you first need to be able to gain access to it. This can vary from vehicle to vehicle. On some cars, you can access the fan from inside by going through the dashboard. Other vehicles will have you gaining access through the hood or from under the car.

The best way to know which applies to your vehicle is by thumbing through the manual that came with your vehicle. This will tell you exactly where the cooling fan is located and how to access it. Usually all you will need is a screwdriver. Use the manual as a guide to removing all of the screws to the compartments and subsequent equipment which allows you to reach the fan.

Step 3 – Before Removing the Cooling Fan

Disconnect the wires attached to the battery. This will prevent an electric shock from traveling through the cooling fan wires. Once the battery is disconnected you should mark the wires connected to the cooling fan. Once the wires are removed it may become confusing when hooking them back up. Use a piece of masking tape and a marker to write where the wires connect to on the cooling fan.

Step 4 – Remove the Cooling Fan

Now that the battery is disconnected and the wires are labeled you can remove the cooling fan. Begin by removing the wires connected to the cooling fan. If they fall down into the car it’s alright because they are labeled. Use the screwdriver to remove the mounting screws from the cooling fan. Pull the fan from its position and put it off to the side.

Place the new fan, install the screws and replace the wires. Connect the battery, and replace any covers you may removed like the dashboard.