How To Replace Your Digital Thermostat

What You'll Need
Torpedo level
Wire strippers

If your old thermostat is not working properly, knowing how to replace it with a digital thermostat will help you to control energy costs. New programmable digital thermostats can offer a variety o cost-saving features your old rotary unit cannot. Additionally, the new thermostats provide users with a wide array of different information about the home air environment like peak power demand times and other useful information to better manage your temperature needs.

Step 1 – Select a Digital Model

Surf the net familiarizing yourself with the array of new digital thermostats comparing prices, features, warranties and styles. A great resource to find a new digital thermostat is Do-It-Yourself. Select one that suits your personal needs.

Step 2 – Turn off the Power

Always turn off the electric power at the source – the power panel or circuit breaker box. Place a piece of tape over the circuit breaker switch so no one will turn it on while you are working. A good tip is also to announce to all household members that you are conducting the chore making sure all are safe.

Step 3 – Remove the Existing Thermostat

Slide or snap off the thermostat cover. Remove the unit from the mounting plate by unscrewing it. Locate the wires coming through the wall and disconnect these from the old unit. Remove the old thermostat’s mounting plate from the wall and remove it. Prevent the thermostat wires from falling back into the wall by wrapping these around a pencil so they cannot slip through the entry/exit hole in the wall.

Step 4 – New Mounting Plate

Take the new mounting plate foe the new thermostat and line it up with the hole where the power source wires come through the wall. Square it off using the torpedo level to make sure the mounting plate is level and mark the wall where you will place the mounting screws.

Step 5 – Insert Anchors

Using either a small, thin screwdriver or a thin drill bit, make holes in the wall where you marked the spot for the screws and insert screw wall anchors for a safe installation of your new thermostat. Make sure the anchors are installed flush to the wall.

Step 6 – Slide Wires Through and Secure Plate

Pull the wires through the holes in the back of the minting plate and then attach it to the wall with screws inserted into the wall anchors. Makes sure the mounting plate is level.

Step 7 – Shape Each Wire and Connect

Shape each wire end into a “U.” There should be three corresponding set screw connections marked “G, Y and R,” for green, yellow and red. There may be a different configuration so check with the thermostat installation instructions. Place the “U” ends under each corresponding set screw and tighten them.

Step 8 – Insert Cover

Slide or snap the thermostat cover in place and insert any b=necessary battery. Turn the power back on.

Step 9 – Set the Thermostat

Use the manufacturer’s instruction manual to set the programmable and operating features of your new digital thermostat.

Many manufacturers offer online discounts for new digital thermostat purchases.