How to Replace Your Faucet Sprayer

What You'll Need
Phillips-head screwdriver
Channel lock pliers
Sprayer faucet kit
Plumbers tape
Silicone caulk
Caulking gun

A faucet sprayer is a useful tool in your kitchen to conveniently rinse your dishes and clean your sink. When your faucet sprayer experiences leaking, you should have it replaced. In order to fix your leaking faucet sprayer problems, you can purchase a replacement sprayer kit found in your local hardware or department store. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to replace your faucet sprayer.

Step 1-Turn off the Water

Turn off the water supply of your faucet. You can turn it off by using the valve located under the sink or turn off the main water valve of your plumbing system.

Step 2-Remove the Weight Attached to the Sprayer Hose

Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to detach the weight that is connected to the sprayer hose located under your sink. Remove the screws and detach the weight. Using the channel lock pliers, detach the sprayer hose connected to the faucet nipple. This connection can be found at the middle area of the sink, under the faucet. Use a piece of cloth to remove any sort of plumbing tape found.

Step 3-Loosen the Nut

Using the channel lock pliers, remove the nut and the washer from the base of the sprayer. You can pull out the sprayer assembly from the top of the sink.

Step 4-Assemble the New Sprayer

Take the new sprayer head and assemble it to the new sprayer hose. Before this, it is advised that you wrap plumber's tape around the new sprayer hose.

Step 5-Place the Rubber Washer Around the Sprayer Base threads

Using a caulking gun, place a 1/4 inch silicone caulk bead under the lip of the sprayer base. Put the sprayer base into the hole found in your sink. Ask for some help to hold the sprayer base for you while you attend to matter under the sink. Take the rubber washer and place it around the sprayer base threads. Manually thread the remaining nut and tighten it using the channel lock pliers.

Step 6-Connect the Sprayer Hose to the Faucet Nipple

Place the faucet end through the sprayer holder, and have the sprayer head sit on its holder. Use plumber tape to wrap around the threads of the faucet nipples. The sprayer hose must be threaded to the faucet nipple and tightened.

Step 7-Attach the Hose Weight

Connect the hose weight and the sprayer hose. The hose weight is comprised of two parts, and is used to place the hose back on its holder when the faucet sprayer is no longer in use. One piece should be placed around the hose in the area where the hose forms a curve, located under the sink. Take the other end and secure this over the first piece using the two retaining screws. 

Step 8-Turn on the Water

Turn the water of your faucet supply back on. Test your new faucet sprayer and examine it for leaks.