How to Replace Your Sprinkler Flex Hose

What You'll Need
Flexible PVC Hose
PVC Cutting Tool
PVC Pipe Primer
PVC Pipe Adhesive
Cloth/Paper Towels

Flex hose for sprinklers has a bend radius of approximately two and a half to four feet. Although the hose is able to bend much tighter than this, it is not advisable to do this. The flex hose should not be used for hot water to run through. This type of hose installation uses flex PVC piping for the hose. If a sprinkler flex hose needs to be replaced, it can be done with just a few short quick steps. The tools needed for this job and step-by-step guide are listed below.

Step 1 – Prepping the Flex Hose for Installation

Use the old flex hose to measure the cutting for the replacement. Use the PVC cutting tool to cut the replacement hose the right size. After cutting the new flex hose, wipe it clean with a cloth and apply PVC primer to the ends to clean and prep it for the adhesive. The PVC fittings will need to be primed as well. 

Step 2 – Sealing the Flex Hose

The PVC adhesive needs to be applied to the pipe ends and the fittings. For a tight seal, join the ends together with pressure. The adhesive sets quickly so it needs to be in the right position.