How to Replace a Toilet Bowl

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What You'll Need
Rubber gloves
Face mask
Adjustable wrench
Pipe wrench
Putty knife
Wiping cloths
Bowl cleaning solution
Sponge or old rags
Lubricant spray
Bowl gasket
Flexible supply tubing
Hand cleaner

A broken toilet bowl creates a lot of mess, so you need to replace it as soon as possible. Follow these steps to replace your toilet bowl.

Step 1 - Prepare the Repair Area

Put on face mask and rubber gloves. Clear the area around the bowl. Clean the bowl thoroughly. Wipe any water spill from the floor tiles to prevent slips. Spray each nut of the bowl base as well as the nuts that fix the bottom of the water tank with WD40 lubricant spray. Let the lubricant soak as you accomplish other activities.

Step 2 - Detach the Toilet Tank

Shut off the main water supply valve. Flush the water tank to completely drain the stock water. Remove the water supply hose by with a wrench. Remove the nut from the bottom of the water tank using the adjustable wrench. Carefully remove the cover of the toilet tank. Take a firm balance, then lift the water tank carefully. Set it aside in the corner.

Step 3 - Remove the Toilet Bowl

Pour toilet cleaner into the bowl and wait until the water inside forms a gel-like state. Check for sealant between the base of the toilet bowl and the floor. Remove the caulk with a putty knife. Unscrew the bolts that secure the toilet bowl to the floor. Lift the bowl slowly starting on one side while letting the other side rest on the floor. Put it down and proceed to lift the other side. Doing so will make sure you loosen all sides. Lift the bowl slowly.

Step 4 - Install the New Toilet Bowl

Remove the old gasket using the putty knife. Clean the base thoroughly. Install the new gasket. Measure and mark the location of the aligned gasket. Doing so will make it easier to align. Place the new toilet bowl. Secure the bolt and apply caulk to seal the base. Install the tank and the supply hose. Ensure that everything is in place before you open the water supply gate valve to your toilet.

Step 5 - Finishing Up

Flush the toilet to ensure debris is washed off thoroughly. Check for leaks. Clean the area and tidy yourself by washing hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap.