How to Replace Your Toilet Tank Bolts

What You'll Need
Replacement Johnny bolts
Large Monkey wrench
Hack saw
Replacement toilet floor flange
Toilet brush
Toilet wax bowl ring
Putty knife
Toilet brush
Toilet cleaner
3-in-1 oil or liquid wrench

You can replace your toilet tank bolts when the toilet seems to be leaking or unstable at the bottom when in use. This task is moderately difficult because it requires precision when lining the toilet up and placing it over the toilet tank bolts. It is best to have some assistance when engaging in this task in order to make the job easier to accomplish.

Step 1 - Obtain Supplies for Replacing Toilet Tank Bolts

Go to the nearest plumbing supply store or home improvement center in your community in order to purchase the supplies needed to replace the toilet tank bolts. This includes the Johnny bolts, toilet floor flange, toilet wax bowl ring and any tools that you do not have that are listed above.

Step 2 - Clean the Toilet and Drain the Tank

Before you begin the process of replacing the toilet tank bolts you will need to clean and drain the toilet in order to remove it. Place large towels around the toilet to soak up any water that will inevitably end up on the floor. Turn the valve that controls the water near the bottom of the toilet counter clockwise until it is tight. This will shutoff the water coming into the toilet.

Use a toilet brush and cleaner to clean the inside of the bowl. Flush the toilet to drain the tank in order to get it ready to be removed.

Step 3 - Remove the Toilet Tank Bolts

If you are lucky the toilet tank bolts will be somewhat intact and you will be able to remove them easily with a monkey wrench. More than likely however you will need to apply some 3-in-1 oil or liquid wrench to loosen the bolts holding the toilet in place. If the threads of the bolts are stripped and you are unable to remove them, use a hack saw to cut the bolts loose. You also need to disconnect the water pipe that is attached to the toilet in order to remove it from the floor.

Step 4 - Remove the Toilet

With the toilet bolts removed you should be able to lift it free and away from the floor. This is best done with assistance in order to avoid injury. Place the toilet in a spot away from the bathroom if possible where it can be turned upright in order to gain access to the bottom. Using a putty knife you need to scrape away the old wax bowl ring or gasket and clean the underside in order to replace it with a new one. The wax bowl ring will be worn and it will take some time to completely scrape it a way from the toilet.

Step 5 - Replace the Floor Flange and Johnny Bolts

Remove the flange where the toilet was and replace it with a new one. The flange serves as a place to put the Johnny bolts in, in order to secure the toilet. With the new flange and bolts in place you can put the toilet back on, being careful to line up the holes in the bottom with the bolts on the floor. Once in place and secure, tighten the bolts and reattach the water connections before turning the water supply back on and testing your toilet repair.