How to Replace Your Wall Furnace's Pilot Light

What You'll Need
Replacement thermocouple

In order to replace the pilot light on your wall furnace, you will actually need to replace a piece known as the thermocouple, which is the device that makes sure the pilot light in your furnace is lit. Follow the steps below to make this repair.

Step 1 - Shut Off the Gas

Before continuing with the repair, be sure to shut off all gas to the project area.

Step 2 - Remove the Front Panel

With a screwdriver, remove the front panel of your wall furnace to expose the thermocouple block and pilot light.

Step 3 - Disconnect the Thermocouple

To disconnect the thermocouple, which will be located just below the pilot light, remove the copper lead wire attached to it. Next remove the gas line from the thermocouple with your wrench by unscrewing the bracket nut below the mounting bracket.

Step 4 - Insert the New Thermocouple

After purchasing a replacement thermocouple, insert it into the mounting bracket, replace the gas line with your wrench and connect the copper wire.

Step 5 - Reassemble the Wall Furnace

Place the front panel back on your wall furnace and screw it into place. Finally turn on the gas to the unit and test the furnace to make sure it is working properly.