How to Replace Your Water Heater Drain Valve

What You'll Need
New drain valve
Teflon tape

Fixing a water heater drain valve is possible if you have the right tools and the proper instructions. The parts you will need are normally available at the local hardware store.

    Step 1 – Shut Off the Gas and/or Power Supply and the Cold Water

    The first step in replacing the drain valve is to shut off the gas and power supplies. Turn off the power supply from the main control panel. Follow all safety precautions while you work.

    Shut off the cold water valve and open the pressure and temperature relief valve on the water heater.

    Step 2 – Drain the Water

    Attach a hose to the drain valve so the water can drain out. Once you have attached the hose, open the drain valve.

    You can remove the hose after all the water has drained. Remember to keep the temperature and pressure valve open. Do not close it after the water has drained out.

    Step 3 – Replace the Old Water Heater Drain Valve

    Carefully remove the old water heater drain valve with the wrench and set it aside.

    Take the new water heater drain valve and wind Teflon tape around the threads. The tape seals the valve properly when you replace it so that no leakage occurs. Tighten the valve properly with the wrench.

    Step 4 – Check the Water Heater Drain Valve

    Now you can open one of the hot water faucets in your home to check if the new valve is working properly.

    Step 5 – Open the Cold Water

    Open the cold water valve that you closed earlier and let the water heater fill up.

    Step 6 – Close the Pressure Valve

    Once you see that the water is running steadily, you can close the pressure valve and the faucet.

    Step 7 – Check the Drain Valve

    Check the water heater drain valve to ensure that it is fixed properly and that there is no leakage whatsoever.

    Step 9 – Turn on the Gas

    Turn on the gas and the power supply for the water heater. Check to see if the water is flowing properly and is hot.