How to Reseal a Stamped Concrete Patio

Every 3 years, a stamped concrete patio that is used daily should be cleaned thoroughly and resealed to restore its original color and protect it against wear and water damage. Learn how to reseal a stamped concrete patio from the suggestions below.

Clean the Stamped Concrete Well Before Resealing

Sweep or vacuum the stamped concrete surface, and wash with warm water and a mild grease-cutting dishwashing liquid. Use a soft string or sponge rubber mop to scrub at oily and greasy stains, and rinse well with cool water. If the stains are deeply set-in, run a power washer over the area to lift some of the stains prior to scrubbing with the degreasing dish liquid. Allow the patio surface to dry completely before applying sealant.

Choose the Most Effective Sealant

To revive and protect a stamped concrete patio, use a clear sealant with silane or siloxane added. This will help the concrete release moisture and resist dampness. If you need a non-slip surface on your patio, add tiny clear polyethylene beads to the sealant. Spread it over the entire patio evenly with a squeegee or roller brush with an extended handle. Let it dry for 48 hours before using.

Winter Care

Sprinkle sand on your newly resealed patio in winter to melt ice.