How to Reset a Tripped Thermostat on an Electric Water Heater

Always make sure you maintain your electric water heater. This is one of the most used and most important appliances in the home. The more you maintain the unit and the more time you spend on preventative steps, the fewer problems you will have down the road. Every so often you run into little problems that have to be corrected. A tripped thermostat is one of those problems. Here are a few quick steps to reset your tripped thermostat.

Step 1 - Reset the Button

There is probably a thermostat at the top of your electric water heater. This is called the high limit thermostat that makes sure the water does not get too hot. It gets tripped when the water temperature is in excess of that limit. Simply press the switch (usually red in color) to reset it. Lower the heat to make sure it does not trip again.

Step 2 - Reset Lower Thermostat

There is usually a second thermostat in your electric water heater. When you reset the top thermostat, reset the bottom one as well by pushing the bottom thermostat button. Again, to prevent any future problems, check the hot water temperature gauge.