How to Re-Stain Your Wicker Bedroom Furniture How to Re-Stain Your Wicker Bedroom Furniture

What You'll Need
Old Wicker furniture
Cleaning cloth
Cleaning solution
Large pot

As your wicker bedroom furniture ages, you may feel like a change. Rather than simply throwing away your old pieces and purchasing new alternatives, save some money by re-staining your old wicker bedroom furniture. Staining old rattan or wicker is a great idea if you are planning to redecorate your bedroom. If you wish, you can even strip off layers of staining to make a brand new color.

Step 1 - Prepare the Room

Take the bedroom furniture you would like to be re-stained, and place it upright in an area with plenty of ventilation. You should consider staining the items outside, or in a garage with the door open, but if you can't do this, then make sure that all of the windows are open so that you have enough air. If you are staining indoors, place a piece of canvas, or some old newspapers around the area that you will be working in.

Step 2 - Clean the Furniture

If your wicker bedroom furniture has been laying in the room for some time, it will need a good clean. Wipe around the whole surface of the furniture with a dust towel, and rub on a cleaning solution. Leave this to dry, and then dust again thoroughly before proceeding. Dust is the biggest problem that furniture stainers have, as it can prevent a rich, even spread of stain. Take special care to clean around legs and the back rest.

Step 3 - Staining

Now is the time to use your staining liquid. Pour a smallish amount into the large pot, and then stir the liquid to ensure an even color. Apply your paint in even strokes, taking care not to overlap the liquid. You should be careful not to allow the staining fluid to be too runny, as this can mean that most of the stain ends up at the bottom of the legs. Instead, keep the stain semi-liquid, and paint quickly.

Step 4 - Alternatives

Another method of staining your wicker bedroom furniture is using an aerosol can. This contains the stain in ready-mixed form, so all you have to do is shake the can vigorously before use. Apply the contents of the can using an even back-and-forth stroke, trying to keep the can around 6 inches from the object to be sprayed. As with the paintbrush, take care not to overlap the edges, and don't allow the liquid to pool around the legs.

Step 5 - Finishing

Once the stain has been applied, leave the wicker bedroom furniture to dry on its own overnight. Once the furniture is dry, replace in the bedroom, but take care that it is not left in too dusty a spot for a week or so after staining. This will help to prevent the stain from catching onto any dusty particles, and making your chair look unattractive. Your furniture should now look like new, and of a suitable color with the rest of your room.


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