How To Restore Old Slate Shingles How To Restore Old Slate Shingles

Old slate shingles are a staple on many antique homes, and really exemplify an era. Slate shingles are also a valued asset on homes of any era because they last for 50 or more years. During that time, however, the slate may lose some of its luster. Restoring old slate shingles will save you a considerable amount of money over replacing them while retaining the original look of the house.

Roof Cleaner

Roof cleaners can be used to help restore the old slate shingles of a home by taking off some of the grime that is dulling the look of your shingles. You can apply the roof cleaner by hand, but generally, hiring a professional to restore old slate shingles with roof cleaner will produce the best results.

Refinishing Faded Shingles

If you have are handfull of shingles that are off kilter, you can simply remove them, clean them, and refinish them. Talk to a local roofing and shingling company to find the best cleaner and refinishing materials.

By removing the shingles, refinishing them, and adding them back, your roof will look as good as new.

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