How to Restore Peeling Paint from Steel Siding

What You'll Need
Electric Sander with aluminum oxide sandpaper
A pressure washer or a good hose with a high pressure nozzle
Asqueegee, bucket and a bottle of dishwashing soap or a good cleaning soap

Learning how to restore peeling paint from steel siding will be explained in this article. You will need several items to remove the peeling paint and prepare the siding for repainting. Items are listed below. Follow these steps to insure you get rid of all the peeling paint and have a smooth finish.

Restoring the Paint

Step 1 You will need to sand off the old peeling paint. You are going to do this with the electric sander. Put your sandpaper on the sander. Sand in circles. If you have a small place to sand, you can use a hand sander but if it is a large area, we recommend an electric sander. You will get most of the paint off in this way. But if you have paint left the second step will get rid of it.

Step 2 Use the pressure washer or your hose to wash off any dirt or debris that is left on the siding. Start at the tops and take long stripes back and forth, working gradually toward the bottom. Fill the bucket with water and the necessary amount of cleaner required for dirt and grime to come off. Start at the top and work to the bottom using the soft side of the squeegee, washing the area all the way down. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before painting. The rubber blade of the squeegee can be used to remove water and shorten drying time.