How to Restore Your Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture

Outdoor patios are favorite places of respite for many of us, and what makes them particularly cozy and pleasant is their outdoor wicker patio furniture on which we sit or recline to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Unfortunately, wicker furniture will get dirty and/or wear out with time, thus destroying the elegance of our patios.


Now, there are things you can do to delay the process. For example, you can make sure that your furniture is never directly exposed to sun and rain. Or, you can buy covers for it, which will protect it from the elements and make it more appealing.

Refurbishing Wicker Furniture

You may indeed prolong the longevity of your wicker furniture, but the time will inevitably come when it will look old and shabby. So, when this happens, rather than replacing your furniture, it is better that you restore it by using the following simple tips:  

  1. Drive to your nearest shop and buy a pair of rubber gloves, a scrub brush, a toothbrush, some detergent, glue for wooden surfaces, as well as cans of primer, paint and sealer. All these products will come in handy during the restoration of your wicker furniture;
  2. Take out the pieces on your lawn and wash them profusely with a hose. You may want to turn them on each side so as to wash off as much dirt and old paint as possible (Do not use hot water because this may damage the fabric of your furniture); 
  3. Rub the surface of each piece of furniture with the scrub brush in order to remove any remaining stains and paint. For particularly hard-to-reach places use the toothbrush;
  4. If there are traces of mildew, clean them with a solution of detergent and water;
  5. After you have cleaned all traces of paint, stains and mildew, rinse with water one more time and wait for the pieces to dry;
  6. In case there are broken reeds, stick them back together by using the wood glue and allow time for the glue to dry up (different brands of glue take different amounts of time to dry up; to make sure you have allowed sufficient time, read the instructions for the glue you are using);
  7. Now you are ready to repaint your furniture. Place a piece on a cloth and spray - paint it with the primer; be sure to go over all wicker surfaces. Wait for the primer to dry and apply a coat of paint with a color of your choice. For outdoor furniture, it is advisable that you use oil paint, rather than latex, as it is more resistant to the natural elements. Leave the furniture to dry for the period of time prescribed by the paint manufacturer and spray - paint each piece with the protective sealer. Some 24 hours later, once the sealer has completely dried up, you will be able to enjoy your wicker furniture once again. 

Follow these basic restoration steps at least once a year, and you will not have to invest in a new set of furniture for a long time.