How to Re-Thread Bolts

What You'll Need
Metal die

Depending on the way you are using fasteners, you may occasionally need to re-thread bolts to ensure they remain effective. The process is easy to complete with the use of the correct equipment.  

Step 1 – Sizing

Your first step is to determine the correct measurements. In addition to the correct diameter of the metal die, you also need to consider the depth of the thread that you need.

Step 2 – Align Metal Dies

You must correctly align the metal die and bolt prior to taking any steps to re-thread the bolts. Check that the 2 components are precisely perpendicular before beginning. If necessary, secure the bolt in a vise beforehand in order to keep it straight and still.   

Step 3 – Thread Bolts

Undertaking threading for the first time may require the use of a power drill, but the process of re-threading bolts can be undertaken by hand. This tends to be easier when a thread already exists as the metal die will have a guide. Some dies will comprise handles that will make it easy to work it around the bolt. Alternatively, grip it with a pair of pliers to turn it.